Stefania Goulioti


In a rare collaboration between the two national theaters of Greece and China, the director of National Theater, Stathis Livathinos, trusts in Stefania the historical role of Clytemnestra and travels together in Beijing where rehearsals and performances are taking place with Chinese actors of the National Theater of China. A unique experience in the meeting of the two most ancient civilizations, will be engraved in the artistic memory of Stefania.

Direction: Stathis Livathinos
Sets – Costumes: Eleni Manolopoulou
Movement: Marianna Kavalieratou
Lighting: Alekos Anastasiou
Interpretation: Christina Philippa
Percussion: WangXuanyu
Electric Key: WangZhenxing
Chinese Lute: JiangYuchi

Guardian: TianZheng
Top: GaoFa
Citizens of Argos: Zhang Bochuan, He Hongy, Song Xianli
Clytemnestra: Stefania Gouliotis, ZhaoLuokuang
Messenger: GuoBeng
Agamemnon: Du Zhenqing
Sergeant: Sun Jiao
Cassandra: Antigone Fryda, Liu Xingyang
Aigimthos: TianZheng