Stefania Goulioti

Hara is missing

Hara is missing is the title of a Greek social television serie aired by Mega Channel during the 2009 television season.

The series premiered on January 21, 2009 while the latest episode aired on June 17, 2009. The series consists of 20 episodes.

The storyline of the series is a remake of the Spanish series “Desaparecida” aired by the television network “La 1” in 2007-2008 while the story of the serie is based on real facts. Stella Vassilantonakis handled the script in Greek and was directed by Alexandros Pantazoudis [3].

The central theme of the serie is the disappearance of 17-year-old Hara on her birthday after a night out at a festival in the provincial town she lived with her family. The search for the truth and the events that took place on the night of the disappearance leads the police to question various suspects who may be involved in the case. The overwhelmed family tries to find out the truth while the solution to the case shocks public opinion as those who did harm to the minor Hara were non suspicious persons.

Production company: Studio ATA

Directed by: Alexandros Pantazoudis

Screenplay: Stella Vassilantonaki

Actors: Gerasimos Skiadaresis (Antonis Markou), Maria Kavogiannis (Eleni Markou), Patricia Peristeri (Joy), Orestis Tziovas (Stelios), Pavlos Orkopoulos (Savvas Markou), Stefania Goulioti (Christina Markou) Nikos Nikolios (Nikos Nikolios) Niki Pallikarakis (Mirela), Yiannis Koukourakis (Spyros Dimopoulos), George Haleplis (Ilias police officer), Nikos Georgakis (Iason), Vladimir Kyriakidis (Socrates), Nikolas Makrienakou (Nikolas Makrias) Lydia Liatis (little Sonia Markou, sister of Helen Ma Rkou), Maroussa Panayotopoulou (Irene Kontou), Evangelia Stamatelou (Mirella), Costas Papakonstantinou (Stavros), Mary Mavromati (Sofia), Maria Beligianni (Despina), 15, Eleni Kecietti, Eleni Keci ed.), Anastasia Koutsikou (Maria), Yiannis Evangelidis (police chief), Katerina Roditi (Rea)