Stefania Goulioti


Joy is the name of the central heroine of the black and white film by Elias Giannakakis, a 45-year-old woman with a sweet face and dubious motivation. Her joy, the baby holding her hands, whispers, lures her. Only the baby is not her own. She stole it from the hospital and, along the way, protected it even by committing murder. Joy is arrested, detained and tried.

Production: Elias Giannakakis
Directed by: Elias Giannakakis
Script: Elias Giannakakis
Photo: Giorgos Argyroilopoulos
Editing: Gifts of Masclavanos
Music: The Boy
Starring: Amalia Moutousi, George Simeonidis, Leda Protopsalti, Stefania Goulioti, Nikos Flessas, Costas Berikopoulos

Greece, 2012, Color
Duration: 80 minutes