Stefania Goulioti

Knit Red Thread

Costas Charalambous’s film is evolved in 1945, in a mountainous Greek village not named. After Varkiza’s agreement, a gang of remnants of the “tagmatasfalites” terrifies the village, aiming to eliminate those left who have not bowed their heads. They come into their homes, they swear, they rape, they threaten small children. They ask for money not to escalate violence, forcing people to sell their little property, their animals and their homes. They are not alone. They work with the Gendarmerie station, which entrusts them with the crimes they are hesitant to do themselves.

Director: Costas Charalambous

Script: Costas Charalambous

Cinematography: Dionysis Petrotsopoulos

Actors: Thanos Samaras, Tasos Nousias, Stefania Goulioti, Efi Gousi, Vassilis Christidis, Dina Michailidou, Giorgos Garnavos, Maria Filippou, Christos Liakopoulos, Giorgos Gerontidakis, Tasos Palantzidis, Anestis Vlachos, Spiros Bipilas